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YAML Based Configuration Export, a.k.a ConfigDump


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      YAML Based Configuration Export


      We currently have the StateDump tool which can perform export and import of configurations, via an XML medium.

      Customer Requirements
      Our customer requires a tool which can:

      • Export an entire EJBCA installation (not counting certificates or end entities) to a human-readable format, preferably YAML
      • When converting to human-readability, the future option to perform a re-import should be retained, i.e. no information lost. This may require either saving the non-human-readable data in an intermediary format, or embedding encoding information as comments in the YAML
      • The contents of this dump should be possible to version control, i.e. the difference between two dumps of the same object should only be the delta of the saved data.
      • All objects must be dumped into separate files and sorted by directory
      • Additional granularity added to the CLI in order to allow subsets of values to be imported/exported
      • This export should be run entirely from the CLI, i.e. have no links to the UI

      Human readable in this context implies:

      • All data structures rolled out in a human readable format
      • No use of UIDs to reference objects, but rather human readable names

      Primary PrimeKey Requirements

      • This is an enterprise feature only
      • This feature must be ready for deployment before the end of Q1
      • Failing well in case if encountering unknown (newer) values
      • Version handling




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